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Are you facing relationship problems? Is your marriage going through a rough time? Is business loss your only story? Are failure, heartbreak, misfortune, disappointment prevailing in your life? Do you know where you can find the help?

Mantra Talk

Sign up on Mantra Talk and talk to the world’s best Healers, tarot card readers, psychic consultants, or soothsayers that you believe in. There are a variety of soothsaying practices that are used for fortune-Healing and guiding people to what they should do and what they should not, to escape from their current difficulties in life. From Vastu to Healing, tarot card reading to palmistry, tasseography to oneiromancy, the experts have many ways to give you hints about the future and solutions to your recurring problems.

The expert consultants from all around the world can help you by calculating stars and planets as those celestial bodies play a vital role in determining your destiny. The numbers associated with your life, the lines on your palm, the pattern in your coffee mug, your tarot card, your dreams tell a lot about you and your future. These psychics, who have an astounding knowledge of these deep connections of the lives and heavenly creations around us, can guide you towards the right directions in your life.

Step into a bright future with the help of our professional prognosticators. Now your expert Healer is just a call away. On Mantra Talk, we bring the best Healers and clairvoyants at your service. Connect with your preferred fortune Healer and talk your heart out. Seek expert guidance and move forward leaving all the worries and troubles behind.

If You’re A Fortune-Healer

If you are blessed with the knowledge and the art of fortune-Healing, this is your chance to help people by guiding them out of their own darkness. Allow people to find you and connect with you to avail your services. Solve their problems and navigate them out of their difficulties with the dazzle of your wisdom.

Become an online consultant on Mantra Talk to move your services online. Sign up with us in a few simple steps and begin your astonishing journey with us.

how it works

Are you tired of never ending troubles? Connect with the best Healers, tarot card readers, numerologists, prognosticators, and other types of fortune Healers to find out the best solutions.

Select Your Clairvoyant

Mantra Talk provides services of various world-famous clairvoyants from different fields of fortune Healing. Select your fortune Healer based on the method you believe in from the list of consultants listed on our platform.

Location Isn’t The Limit

Seek consultation on your personal matters from expert Healers, tarot card readers, or other professional fortune Healers from all around the globe. Receive marriage, relationship, business, or future advice from professionals despite the geographical difference.

Wallet Payment For Every Service

Easy payment mechanism for simplified transaction that removes the hassle of paying from different online payment apps. One-step wallet recharge is all that you need in order to connect with our professional counsellors.

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Sign Up And Browse Counsellors’ Profiles

Sign up on Mantra Talk in a few simple steps and start looking for your preferred counsellor. As soon as you sign up, you will be displayed the list of fortune Healers from all types of sub-categories of the soothsaying practices. Filter out the counsellors by their location, category, status, etc. You also have the facility to sort the results based on price per minute.


Connect With Your Counsellor

Once you select your preferred fortune Healer from the list after reviewing their profiles, connect with the counsellor in minutes. You can only contact the counsellors who are available at the moment or whose status is ‘online’. Once you initiate the call by clicking on the ‘Call’ icon, you will be connected with the professional counsellors via a cloud telephonic system.


Wallet Recharge For Secure Payment

Every counsellor has pre-set a fee in the form of price per minute. The fee would be deducted from your wallet. Therefore, you must recharge your wallet before connecting with the counsellor. The fee is charged according to the total minutes that were spent on the call.

You can be a guiding light in the darkness of people’s miseries, fears and struggles. Give your consultation to those who look forward to you for an escape from their dead-locked life situations.

Enlist Your Category

Register your category of fortune Healing and tell us a little bit about yourself. Mention your price per minute and start receiving calls from the people who want a peek into the future.

Your Service: Your Time

Choose the time when you want to be available for consultation. You are entitled to entertain one call at a time. The platform facilitates you with a toggle button to switch between ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’ status as per your convenience.

Earn Profit From Every Call

Invest your time in solving your customers’ problems and earn profits for your time. This innovative platform provides you with an opportunity to increase your clientele and establish your business online.

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Register Yourself As A Fortune-Healer

Register yourself on the platform in a few steps. Put in your details such as your photograph, years of experience, category of expertise, bio, contact information, price per minute, etc. Once you complete this step, you will become an online counsellors and your profile will be displayed to the users.


Control Your Presence and Receive Calls

With the help of the ‘status toggle button’, choose to be online or offline during any time of the day. You will receive calls only when you are online. We ensure data security and privacy and hence, your contact information is never revealed to the users. Once a user initiates the call request, our server connects the call via cloud telephonic system.


Secure Payment

Earn profit from every call that you recieve. Your payment is secure with us and sent to you via online transfer. Our payment mechanism is secured by a multi-layer third party gateway. The virtual transfer never involves displaying your account information to the user. The payment is charged from the user's wallet and transferred to you from the backend.