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What Is Astrology?

Astrology is majorly a predictive science powered by its unique methodologies and ideologies that allows fortune tellers and astrologers to research and study a human’s aspects of life starting from the birth to present scenarios and predictions for the future. Astrology provides deeper and personal insights into a person’s life based on their traits, kundli, zodiac signs, and more.

Astrology, not so strongly backed by science, however provides highly accurate and contentful insights into human traits aspects of life. Astrology is powered by the study of constellations through which the sun, the moon, and the planets transit across the universe. Believers of astrology feel that the human’s past, present, and future possibilities can be predicted and explored by the study of zodiac and constellations.

Astrology in the definitive terms is the study of planets and cosmic objects in relation to their impact and influence on the lives of every individual or all humans. Unlike the scientific definition of 8 planets, there are 9 planets in the universe according to astrology. These 9 planets are called the Navgraha. The movement of these planets is associated with having the influence on the fortune of a human.

Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangal), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Saturn (Shani), Venus (Shukra), Rahu (North node of the moon), and finally Ketu (South node of the moon)

These planets have a different kind of influence on each individual according to their Kundli. For some, Jupiter or Saturn could have a positive influence bring fruitful results and outcomes in their life while for other individuals, these planets may have a negative influence on their life.

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There are numerous reasons to choose our astrologers and our platform for astrology services. To start with, we have curated the best astrologers from across India who have proven their abilities in the astrology environment for many years now.

We have over 1000 astrologers, vedic astrologers, chinese astrology experts, Vastu shastra experts, Numerology experts, Kundli experts, and more such knowledgeable experts from all domains of astrology. Most of our astrologers have provided their astrology services for over 15 years each. This makes them credible, reliable, and highly accurate in their astro-predictions.

Moreover, moving on to our customers, we have had over a million customers till now from all across the globe. We get around 18% customers from different countries excluding India. To strengthen our point, our customer retention rate is much higher than the industry standards which shows the reliability and satisfaction levels of our customers.

Our constant feedback management system gathers customer feedback where we ask customers to share the accuracy levels of our astrology predictions. The customers have shown that the predictions have been highly accurate and highly relevant to the actual events that happened in their life after the predictions. Moreover, the upaays provided by the astrologers for improvements and to bring positive influence of planets in one’s life have proven to be highly effective and fruitful for the customers.

Our astrologers take in the complete and accurate details to build the accurate Kundli which provides the right depictions of one’s life and the underlying situations. This also fosters accurate predictions and more meaningful discussions between the customers and the astrologers.

Finally, we provide complete support and focus to each customer. The customers are free to ask their questions, share their concerns, and invest as much time as needed to find the right answers for their queries. The astrologers maintain complete privacy and provide positive consultation to each and every customer to motivate them and get on the right path for positive outcomes in their life.

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